Sagittarius Man in Love

Oh to be loved by a typically decent Sagittarius man. Why so? Because a Sagittarius man cherished the man or woman he loves and being cherished is a wonderful feeling. 

But how do you know when a Sagittarius man loves you? You might think it would be obvious and indeed it is but only when the Sagittarius man realizes that he is actually in love with you. This realization can sometimes take years to manifest but when it does - it is a s though the heavens open and a choir of angels sing. He'll be happier and so of course will you... if you're his partner.

Sagittarius Man Not Knowing He is In Love

Should you worry if your longstanding Sagittarius man partner has never told you he loves you? Normally the answer to this question is "no". Without knowing that he loves you but loving you just the same your Sagittarius man will care for you and will want to take responsibility for practical and financial matters. He'll pay his way and do equal shares of housework and home improvements.

Getting a Sagittarius Man to tell You He Loves You

Is there a method we'd suggest to nudge a Sagittarius man to tell you he loves you? With the Sagittarius man we have discovered that absence makes their hearts grow fonder. So, if you are in a wonderful relationship with a Sagittarius man and you are both having fun. laughing a lot and talking until the cows come home but he has not mentioned the four letter word - LOVE - we suggest that you go away for a few weeks. We've known instances in which the Sagittarius man has realized his love for his absent partner to such a degree that he's had to travel half way around the world to deliver the news. 

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