What to Buy Sagittarius Men and What Not to Buy Them Under Any Circumstances

So, it seems you are you stuck, wondering what to buy your Sagittarius Man for Christmas or for his birthday (Sagittarius: 23rd November – 21st December) or some other occasion... why else would you be here? Luckily for you you'll now consult this guide for practical ideas and to be sure you buy your Sagittarius man something he actually wants! Not only that, by reading this short but concise article you'll discover what not to buy your Sag man under any circumstances! To think, some rubbish Astrology sites would have you pay for such information and their information would be a bum steer (so to speak).

Gifts Sagittarian Men Always Appreciate

At the risk of sounding clichéd we strongly suggest – in fact we cannot suggest strongly enough that you should buy your Sagittarians man anything to do with horses. They love to spend time around their kindred spirits and horses account for the majority of these. To say that for a Sagittarian man to be on a horse and firing off arrows from his bow is his dream come true is completely predictable but nevertheless completely true. If he hasn’t already got one buy him a target, bow and arrows. He likes books about bows and arrows and anything to do with their history. Take him to Portsmouth, (UK), to see the Mary Rose exhibition – it includes bows meant to be used by Henry VIII’s army. Buy him the book Longbow by the actor Robert Hardy. Give your Sagittarius man the gift of archery and he'll remember you forever

Expensive Gift Ideas for Sagittarius Men

Buy Mr Sagittarius his very own race horse or stud farm. Have him built a shooting range for arrow practice.

What Not to Buy Sagittarius Men

They may think donkeys are sweet but they really don’t want to own one – unless the creature is to calm a field of his prize thoroughbred racehorses. They'd appreciate you donating to a donkey sanctuary but that's enough regard to the lesser than horse creatures.

What Gifts Have You Bought for Sagittarius Men?

Please tell us about successful and unsuccessful gifts you have bought for Sagittarian men in the past. What did they love and what did they hate? Add you gift ideas for Sagittarius men in the comments section below. We are especially keen to hear from Sagittarius men themselves - they can offer us information as if from the horse's mouth!

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